Make a Splash: Transform Your Space with Stunning Water Bowl Features for Your Pool: Part 2

water and fire bowls pouring into a pool. Raise along a feature wall for dramatic effect.


In our first post, we discussed elevating your outdoor space with water bowl features for your pool. We set the scene by immersing ourselves in the tranquil sounds and sophisticated ambiance. We explored key aspects of the inherent value, practical maintenance, and optimal placement to get the most out of water bowl features for your pool. In this second part, we'll explore some design trends for 2024, give a few more tips for keeping the water and bowl in top shape, and introduce a few of our favorite products you can order through the Outdoor Fireplace Store.

Trendy Designs to Keep an Eye On

Luxury outdoor decor constantly evolves, and staying abreast of the latest trends ensures your space remains at the pinnacle of style. From sleek and contemporary geometric shapes to more organic and fluid designs, trendy water bowls are crafted with an eye for aesthetics that resonate with modern sensibilities. Keep an eye out for unique materials, innovative finishes, and bold color palettes that add a touch of avant-garde sophistication to your outdoor haven. Three trends to keep in mind going into 2024 include:

  • Adding outdoor living elements.
  • Making small spaces look bigger with more character.
  • Achieving balance with the natural setting or other gardening backyard elements.

Three water bowls with waterfalls into a lovely pool. The three bowls are perfectly balanced along a pool feature wall.

Keep Embracing the Outdoor Living Trend: Elevate Your Space

In recent years, integrating outdoor living elements into backyard spaces around patios or pools has gained significant momentum and shows no signs of slowing down. Homeowners are increasingly recognizing the value of extending their living areas beyond the confines of four walls. This evolution brings many possibilities, transforming once-underutilized spaces into vibrant, functional retreats.

Key Considerations for Designing Your Outdoor Oasis

1. Seamless Integration:

  • Placement Matters: Careful consideration of the placement of outdoor elements is pivotal. Ensure a seamless integration with the existing landscape, allowing your space to flow naturally. Remember to consider height when laying out your new water bowl feature around the pool. Raising a bowl only a few inches can dramatically affect the sound of the water or the point of focus in the space.
  • Functional Zones: Define functional zones for lounging, dining, and recreational activities for a well-organized and purposeful outdoor environment.

2. Harmonious Aesthetics:

  • Consistent Design Language: Maintain a consistent design language throughout the outdoor space. A harmonious aesthetic creates a visually appealing and cohesive environment from furniture to landscaping. Match plant colors with water bowl feature finishes to bring balance to the space.

3. Water Bowl Features as Focal Points:

  • Strategic Placement: When incorporating water bowl features, consider strategic placement to maximize their impact. Their location can significantly enhance the overall ambiance, whether by the poolside or within a garden setting.
  • Functionality: Prioritize functionality in the design of water bowl features. From cascading water walls to serene fountains, choose designs that captivate visually and contribute to a tranquil atmosphere.

4. Comfort and Coziness:

  • Outdoor Furnishings: Invest in comfortable outdoor furnishings. Think plush seating, weather-resistant materials, and cozy accents to create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Fire and Heat Elements: Extend the usability of your outdoor space into cooler evenings by incorporating fire elements or outdoor heaters.

5. Lighting for Ambiance:

  • Strategic Lighting: Illuminate your outdoor retreat strategically. A well-thought-out lighting plan enhances safety and ambiance, from pathway lighting to highlighting water features.
  • Mood Lighting: Experiment with mood lighting. Soft, warm tones can transform the atmosphere, creating a magical and inviting environment.

By embracing the outdoor living trend and considering these essential aspects, you're poised to create a backyard haven that seamlessly blends with nature while offering a stylish and functional extension of your living space. Prioritize water bowl features' placement and thoughtful functionality to make a captivating statement within your outdoor oasis.

Expanding Space with Water Bowl Features: Small Spaces, Big Impact

In the design world, the strategic use of water bowl features has become a powerful technique for making smaller outdoor spaces appear more expansive. Whether you have a compact patio, a tiny backyard, or a snug poolside area, incorporating water bowls offers a transformative solution that maximizes visual appeal and functionality.

Key Considerations for Designing a Cozy Outdoor Haven

1. Visual Illusion of Space:

  • Strategic Placement: Integrate water bowl features strategically to create visual illusions of depth and expansiveness. Placing them at focal points or along sightlines can elongate the perceived dimensions of your smaller space.
  • Reflective Surfaces: Opt for water bowls with reflective surfaces, mirrored finishes, or glossy materials. This amplifies the play of light and shadows, contributing to the impression of a larger area. Consider how you move through the space and what catches the eye invitingly or disruptively. Often, minor tweaks are enough to change the setting dramatically.

2. Size and Scale Matters:

  • Proportional Elements: Choose water bowl designs that align with the scale of your space. Avoid oversized features that can overwhelm smaller areas; opt for proportionate bowls that harmonize with the available space. The same is true for undersized features, which could get lost or look out of place when set up next to a pool.

3. Uninterrupted Sightlines:

  • Clear Pathways: Ensure clear pathways and lines of sight within your small space. Uninterrupted views contribute to an open and airy ambiance. Position water bowls along these pathways to enhance the sense of flow.

4. Dual-Purpose Features:

  • Functional Elegance: Integrate water bowls that serve dual purposes. A tabletop water feature can double as a stylish surface, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. This approach minimizes clutter, maintaining a streamlined look.

5. Greenery Integration:

  • Surrounded by Nature: Incorporate greenery around water bowl features. Lush plants and foliage add a touch of nature and soften the edges, creating a harmonious blend that expands the perceived boundaries of your outdoor retreat.

6. Reflections of Tranquility:

  • Embrace Calming Vibes: Leverage the tranquil qualities of water. The gentle sound and reflective nature of water bowl features create a serene atmosphere that fosters relaxation, making your small outdoor space feel like a peaceful oasis.

By thoughtfully incorporating water bowl features and considering these essential elements, you can redefine the perception of your smaller outdoor space. Harnessing the visual magic of water bowls transforms cozy corners into inviting retreats, where every square foot is maximized for beauty and functionality.

water and fire bowls arranged along a pool feature wall for dramatic effect.

Keeping Water Features Clean and Pristine

Maintenance Hacks for Compact Water Bowls

Compact water bowls, while adding a touch of elegance to smaller spaces, often come with their own set of maintenance considerations. Fortunately, maintenance hacks are tailored to ensure these smaller features remain pristine with minimal effort. One effective hack involves using a small fish tank net to remove debris that may accumulate quickly. Additionally, choosing water bowls with smooth surfaces simplifies cleaning, as dirt and algae find fewer nooks to settle into. By incorporating these hacks into your routine, you can effortlessly maintain the allure of compact water bowls, ensuring they continue to enhance the charm of your smaller outdoor spaces.

Preventing Debris Build-up

Preventing debris build-up is vital to maintaining the visual appeal of water bowls, regardless of their size. Strategic placement can play a significant role in minimizing debris accumulation. Positioning water bowls away from overhanging trees or branches reduces the chances of leaves and twigs finding their way into the water. Installing mesh covers or screens over the bowls is another effective preventive measure, allowing water to flow freely while acting as a barrier against debris. By implementing these proactive strategies, you can enjoy the beauty of your water bowls without the constant concern of unsightly debris build-up.

Ensuring Crystal-Clear Water

Crystal-clear water heightens the allure of water bowls, creating a captivating visual experience. Achieving and maintaining this clarity involves a combination of proper filtration and regular monitoring. Opting for water bowls with built-in filtration systems helps keep the water clean by removing impurities and preventing algae growth. Frequent checks of water quality parameters, such as pH levels, also ensure crystal-clear water. Additionally, consider adding aquatic plants to the water bowl, as they enhance aesthetics and contribute to natural filtration. By incorporating these practices, you can revel in the beauty of water bowls with water that sparkles with clarity, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere in your outdoor space.

Featured Products

Curated Selection: Our Top Picks for Trending Products

We choose our exclusive curation of the finest water bowl features to redefine your poolside experience. As purveyors of luxury outdoor decor, we present our top suggestions that align with industry standards and set trends in sophisticated living. Each product in our curated selection reflects a fusion of style, innovation, and functionality, promising to elevate your outdoor haven to new heights. Discover the pinnacle of craftsmanship and design with our featured products, handpicked to cater to discerning tastes and current industry trends.

Slick Rock Ridgeline Conical Fire Bowl

The Slick Rock Ridgeline Conical Fire Bowl is a masterpiece of design, seamlessly combining the allure of fire with the soothing presence of water. This water and fire bowl features a match-lit ignition system, providing a mesmerizing display of flames. Its conical shape adds a sculptural element to your outdoor space, making it a focal point that commands attention. Explore the Slick Rock Ridgeline Conical Fire Bowl here.

Slick Rock Concrete 34" Cascade Conical Fire on Glass with Electronic Ignition

Indulge in the harmonious dance of fire and water with the Slick Rock Concrete 34" Cascade Conical Fire on Glass. This exquisite piece features electronic ignition for effortless control and a cascade of flames dancing on a glass bed. The 34-inch size ensures a striking presence, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate grandeur in their outdoor decor. Immerse yourself in the elegance of this cascading fire bowl. Discover the Slick Rock Cascade Conical Fire on Glass here.

Top Fires 30" Concrete GFRC Fire & Water Bowl Square

For a modern and square design that exudes sophistication, the Top Fires 30" Concrete GFRC Fire & Water Bowl Square is the epitome of contemporary elegance. Its geometric lines and durable construction make it versatile for various outdoor settings. Enjoy the warmth of the flames combined with the tranquil presence of water in this captivating square bowl. Explore the Top Fires 30" Concrete GFRC Fire & Water Bowl Square here.